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As I became more experienced using various needle felting techniques, I began to experiment with the types of things I could create.

I found that the range of needle felted items I could produce was vast and that I could be extremely creative using this amazing technique.

Needle Felted Gifts

As well as my needle felted paintings and jewellery, I found that I could use needle felted wool to make all sorts of pieces ideal as gifts or pretty display items. I take inspiration from nature, so all of my needle felted products take on themes from farm animals to colourful plants.

New Creations

I am always updating the products in my shop with new and interesting creations, so please do check back every now and again to see my latest offerings.

Beautiful Hand Dyed Wool

Our flock of rare breed sheep consist of Wensleydale, Lincoln Longwool, Shetland and Bownont Merino breeds. Our hand dyed wool packs are made up of a range of these beautiful wools. All of the wools give different textures and effects, so using a mix of wool types makes for a beautiful end result when creating needle felted art.

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