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Every piece of my needle felted jewellery is handmade by me, making each one unique.

My needle felted jewellery designs offer something a little different and extra special.

I make each of my pieces by hand, including my signature anemone brooches.

Needle Felted Brooches

My anemone brooches come in a wide range of colours with differing embellishments.

Other Jewellery Designs

I am always exploring new jewellery designs, so please do check back every now an again to see my latest creations.

Beautiful Hand Dyed Wool

Our flock of rare breed sheep consist of Wensleydale, Lincoln Longwool, Shetland and Bownont Merino breeds. Our hand dyed wool packs are made up of a range of these beautiful wools. All of the wools give different textures and effects, so using a mix of wool types makes for a beautiful end result when creating needle felted art.

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